2019 Road Closures


West Ridgewood Avenue between Wilsey Square and South Murray will be closed at 8AM.  South Monroe Avenue between Godwin Ave. and Glen Ave will be closed at 8:30AM.  Washington Place, South Hillside Avenue and Madison Place will all be closed by 8:30AM.

The streets along the parade route as well as their access points will close between 9:30AM and 9:45AM.  The route begins at the corner of South Monroe Avenue and Godwin Avenue, traveling east up Godwin Avenue through Wilsey Square, under the train trestle, turning right on South Broad Street then left on East Ridgewood Avenue making a left onto North Maple Avenue then making a right onto Linwood Avenue and a left onto Northern Parkway.  The parade ends at Leuning Park on the corner of Northern Parkway and Meadowbrook Avenue.

The parade is typically finished around 12:30PM and the streets are opened shortly after.


Linwood Avenue between North Maple and Northern Parkway will be closed at 4PM.  North Maple Avenue and the streets surrounding Veteran’s Field will be closed between 5:30-5:45.  The best ways to cross town ate E. Ridgewood Avenue and E/W Glen Avenue(s), and N/S Monroe to Ackerman, Oak to Prospect and Van Dien or Pleasant

Residents or people going to friends and family’s homes inside the barricaded/closed area will be allowed through as long as they have an address to which they are going.