Ridgewood’s Parade History

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1911J. Calvin Bogert & His Mounted Staff Glen Rock’s Float won First Prize
1912J. Calvin Bogert & His Mounted Staff Parade over a mile in length
1913Mrs. C.B. Francisco and Miss Bopp led the procession followed by the equestrian division led by Marshall Bogert  
1914J. B. Hopper  
1915no parade Dedication of the High School and an afternoon circus performance
1916no parade -Parade of children from the High School to the YMCA/ -Public Dancing in the Plaza
1917J.B. Hopper & his aide R.T. Wilson Liberty Bazaar yields $5600 for the local Red Cross
1918no parade Victory Bazaar gross receipts exceed $10,000
1920Bernard E. Hopper Saw dust was sprinkled on Maple Avenue for a dance floor during the Evening Pagent
1921Bernard E. Hopper with aide Eugene Bogert  
1922Bernard E. Hopper Bad weather cancelled the fireworks
1923William W. Young -Parade continued through the rain
-The Elks Club Float won First Prize
1924Dr. H.A. Bonynge 15th Annual Celebration
30,000 spectators at the parade witnessed 5 Civil War veterans and the first showing of Ridgewood’s new ambulance
1925Major John B. Hopper -Ridgewood news headline included . . . “Splendid Police Work”
-Trick mule escaped from the afternoon children’s circus
1926Major John B. Hopper -Sesqui-centennial Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence/ -35,000 in attendance
1927Capt. C. Byron Lear -One of the coldest July 4th’s on record
-“Lindy” impersonator (a Ridgewood P.O. employee) thrilled the crowds
1928Capt. C. Byron Lear -Rodeo program in the afternoon
-Fireworks postponed due to a late afternoon storm which soaked the field
1929Capt. C. Byron Lear According to the I.D.A. “general finacial cooperation was poor, the celebration barely broke even
1930Major Austin D. Smith A Zeppelin, the “Mayflower,” was scheduled to give rides, but was delayed in Maryland due to a storm
1931Major Austin D. Smith -Smaller celebration than in past years
-Ridgewood News article called it a “fine little parade.”
1932Major Austin D. Smith Rained throughout the Parade
1933  Due to the expense of a large parade and fireworks display the celebration was scaled back – a short parade followed the flag raising ceremony and in place of fireworks, there was a band concert and dance in Van Neste Square
1934no parade Flag raising ceremony is the only scheduled event
1935Major Austin D. Smith 25th Annual Parade
Revived celebration complete with the traditional parade, circus and fireworks
1936no parade  
1937no parade -Small flag raising ceremony
-Fireworks presented despite the threat of rain
1938no parade The Swiss Turners, a gymastics team, performed before the fireworks
1939  Very loud fireworks rattled windows several miles away
1950Col. Austin D. Smith  
1951Col. Austin D. Smith  
1952Roger O. Gerhardt  
1953Raymond Grignon  
1954Col. Austin D. Smith  
1955  No Celebration due to a lack of funds
1956Col. Austin D. SmithBenjamin Franklin 
1957Col. Austin D. Smith  
1958Col. Austin D. Smith  
1959Col. Austin D. Smith  
1960 The Golden Parade50th Annual Celebration
Antique Car & Model Airplane Meet followed the Parade
1961Col. Austin Smith Warner Bros. filmed the entire parade in color for a special Community Chest benefit
1962 Salute to the AstronautsFirst time the theme was clearly depicted in all the floats
1963Col. Austin Smith  
1964Col. Austin SmithNew Jersey’s Tercentenary-Rained before and during the Parade
-1st Annual Drum & Bugle Corps competition before the fireworks
1966  Hottest July 4th in memory
1967Col. Austin Smith Fireworks postponed due to rain during the Drum & Bugle Corps competition
1968 Independence Day for All-Now and ForeverChairman of the Parade reported disappointing donations and a general feeling of apathy about the celebration
1969  New flagpole at Citizen’s Bank recognized during the Parade
1970 Red, White & BlueDrum display prior to the Fireworks
1971 America the BeautifulPolice Chief reports that the July 4th activities are growing too large for the Ridgewood Police Department to participte in as well as patrol
1974 America — 13 to 50 
1975Donald Stevenson, an ex-VillagerWe’ve Only Just Begun65th Annual Parade
1976William Pearston, a long-time Village resident who served for 36 years in the Ridgewood Parks & Recreation DeptartmentAmerican We Salute You Theme signals the start of the Bicentennial year in the Village
1977Herb BennettNew Jersey, the Garden StateCelebration marred by fireworks throwing incidents
1978Jeanett TaylorA Glorious FourthColdest, wettest July 4th on record
1979Mr. & Mrs. John CamblinSalute to Progress&nbsp
1980Edward Madama (A 60 year member of the American Legion who served in the Mexican Border conflict)A Salute to Veterans70th Annual Parade
1981Edwin “Buzz” AldrinA Nation Of Aviators 
1982Bobby Thompson, played for the NY Giants and hit the “shot heard ’round the world” tobeat the Dodgers in a playoff gameGreat Moments in Sports 
1983Samuel H. AckermanMany Americans – One Nation-Special Guest: Harrie I. Davis, Native American from Mahwah
-54 people sworn in as US Citizens at Village Hall before the Parade
1984Lulu EisenhauerImagination on Parade 
1985 The 75th Annual75th Annual Parade
Fireman’s Fourth
Special Guest: Ethel Maratene, original parader from 1910
1986Walter Lascar & Bob Livingston (former Parade Chairmen)Symbols of FreedomSpecial Guest: Kenneth Taylor, former Canadian Ambassador and “the hero of the Iranian hostage crisis”
1987John Pizzarelli, Saddle River musician who performed “I Like Jersey Best” and Joseph Cosgriff who wrote the songI Like Jersey Best 
1988Irene & William KuipersAmerican Ingenuity 
1989 Today’s Youth – Tomorrow’s Future 
1990Juanita Tobin, a well-known local poet formerly of RidgewoodThe Bill of RightsThe annual celebration continued with the Parade, the fireworks were cancelled due to security issues
1991Charlotte AdamsCelebrate AmericaFireworks Returned!
Gulf War veterans march and ride floats with their families
1992 Columbus: the Great ExplorerThe Parade went on while the fireworks were again cancelled sue to security issues
1993Joe Perillo, a 39 year veteran of the Ridgewood Police Department  
1994 Celebrate RidgewoodRidgewood celebrates 100 years!
1996 Honor AmericaSpecial Guests:
Chris Borgen – Broadcaster, newsman
Beverly Bower – Former Met Diva, teacher, Rodland scholarship member
Harlan Coben – Author
Sgt. Major Peter De Vries – Most decorated Sgt. Major
Denise Navaro – Speical Olympian Al & Caryn Cone Vanderbush – Al served in the military, retired as a Colonel and now teaches at West Point. Caryn is an Olympian swimmer and Silver Medalist.
Lindsay White & Allison Wojcik – twirlers who have won many national awards
1997Retired Fire Chief Francis X. NolanCelebrate Service….100th Anniversary of the Ridgewood Fire Department
A Fireman’s Fourth
Very Special Guest: Fire Chief Robert D. Missel
Special Guests: Retired Members of the RFD
1998All American Kids: Kids who contribute to making America what it isThe American Way 
1999Chris BorgenA Century Of American Memories 
2000Makenzie BrooksAmerica Dream OnMackenzie Brooks is the 2000 national representative of the March of Dimes.Special Guests:Garrett E. Reisman NASA AstronautEdward N. Ryan, Jr. Technical Training Instructor at JFK Space CenterIrine Fokine, Dance Instructor Extraordinaire
2002 Our Flag was Still ThereHonoring police, fire and service men and women for their work at Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks
2003 Good Old Summertime 
2006 Star Spangled Sports 
2009David F. Bolger50 States, One Nation 
2010 100 Years of Supporting the Tradition100th Annual Parade
2011 Celebrate the ConstitutionCongressman Scott Garrett donated 500 copies of the Constitution so one could be given to every 5th greader in town
2012 Born in New Jersey 
2013Thornton “Thorny” Lockwood/ William BartlettHonoring Our Declaration of IndependenceGovenor of NJ Chris Christie was a last minute Special Guest for the parade
2014Flag of 1814The Star Spangled Banner, 1814-2014 
2015Charlotte SamuelsAmerican Innovation105th Annual Parade
2016 America the Beautiful – Celebrating 100 Years of our National ParksNo Grand Marshall Special Guests: The Women Gardeners of Ridgewood and The Hobbyists of Ridgewood
2017Bob PaoliHonoring Those Who ServePerfect weather, excellent turn out for the fireworks
2018Ciaran SheehanRockin Ridgewood: Celebrating All-American MusicThunderstorms threatened fireworks and gate opening was slightly delayed but all went well in the end
2019David Madden: Ridgewood ‘s Jeopardy Champion“All-American Summer”Beautiful day, fireworks show ended two minutes early due to a minor malfunction
2020Planned to be Olympic Medal Winner Carin ConeTheme was to be: “The Olympics: Go Team USA” Only flag raising hosted.  No parade, evening entertainment or fireworks due to COVID-19 pandemic
2021Feed the Frontlines“Stronger Together”

Flag raising and parade on Monday, July 5.  No fireworks due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic concerns


2022RHS Marching Band: Celebrating 100 Years“Let Freedom Ring”Beautiful day, crowd beginning to return to pre-pandemic levels. Evening Entertainment & Fireworks(presented by Grucci) return. 50/50 raised $4,400